Biology Teacher rescues a dragon

Kerstin McClosky, Staff Writer

February 26, 2019

Not all dragons are colossal and mighty as proven by a four-year-old pygmy bearded dragon named Dart. Dart was given a second chance at life by Meagan Morse, biology teacher, welcoming Dart into her care with open arms in April 2018. Morse was initially interested in getting an iguana. She attended East Texas Baptist University, and the school had a big iguana who roamed around the building. When she saw Dart being advertised for sal...

Marine through and through

Clariza Mercado, Staff Writer

November 9, 2015

Every student he has taught knows that he lives a military life. “I’m an open book,” Mr. Massey said. “Students know I served in the Marine Corp active duty.” Mr. Massey remembers waking up one day and deciding that this was something he wanted to do with his life. "It's the best thing I have ever done," Mr. Massey said. “I just woke up one morning and decided that somethings gotta give.” Going int...

Senior Class Fundraiser

Senior Class Fundraiser

November 18, 2014

Forget the Nutcracker Market in Houston, this event is much closer and easier to find. Jewelry, furniture, and homemade craft  junkies are welcome to join the graduating class begin a new tradition...