The Unseen – Nate English

We constantly see students around the school and wonder, “Are they new?” We hardly notice someone in our class until they say something that absolutely amazes us, or until they give us a reason to notice them, for just that second, then we go back about our business. Nate English is one of those surprises who not only stands out in a classroom, but in life as well.

Nate has been a gifted musician since the age of seven, starting out with playing the cello and guitar, then continuing to expand his repertoire with the Bass, Mandolin, Mandocello, Piano, and Drums. Growing up in a family of music majors, music was always something that was around him. Although inspiration initially struck when he “saw Yo-Yo Ma perform in Houston at the age of five, and it made [him] want to play cello the very next year.”

Nate manages to keep up with his musical endeavors by taking lessons at Sam Houston State University and playing in his church and an orchestra outside of school. Nate believes Magnolia West would benefit from having an orchestra.
“I know a lot of people who play instruments whose skills might be lacking because there isn’t an orchestra,” Nate said.

If “there were more classes like AcaDec where talented and smart individuals could express themselves any way they choose,”English said. Than these classes as well as others would help a wide variety of students explore their talents and varied interests as well.

There is a passion and drive within Nate that is not seen, or at least brought to its full potential. In many students, there are budding geniuses and prodigies everywhere one might turn if they looked close enough. When a new-found talent within students’ is properly recognized and shared, the outcome will be even more amazing for students that hail from Magnolia West, Nate being just one of the many.