Class Battle

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    September 11, 2014
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    V-I-C-T-O-R-Y- That’s the freshmen battle cry!

    Loud colors, plastic leis and lots of grass skirts decorate various student’s throughout the day to celebrate the Luau Pep Rally to cheer on the Varsity Football Team against the Pearland Dawson Eagles.

    Introducing the freshmen class of 2018 to the first pep rally of high school always includes the band playing, the cheerleaders rallying the student body into the gymnasium, and with the Fillies help to pump up the crowd by increasing the noise level for excitement before Friday night’s game.

    The pep rally kicks off with the football players making a grand appearance in front of the whole school, then the captains greet the crowd with a roaring speech to get on their feet to cheer for a Mustang victory against Pearland-Dawson that Friday night.

    The Eagle skit where Wrangler lassos the decrepit ‘old’ bald eagle, sends fans to jumping to the beat of the House of Pain’s,”Jump Around” song, introducing freshman to the traditional celebration dance when the Mustangs score during the game.

    The student body stands to cheer as the Fillies show off their choreography and dance moves for their classmates with opposing high kicks to thrill the crowd.

    The excitement and cheers continue through the color guard’s routine along with the performance of the band’s solo twirler, Sophomore Emily Perkins showing off the hard work with her batons to the guard’s twirling flags and rifles.

    The absolutely random Hoola Hoop games played by students from every grade level left their classmates cheering for their own special representative.

    Ms.Tonya McClesky, College Prep and Math teacher, represented the faculty well, but the seniors came out on top with the loudest cheers and the ultimate win.

    To end the pep rally, all grade levels compete against each other for the loudest battle cry lead by the cheerleaders. Between the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and the seniors, the ultimate score was way too close to decide but most students would agree the seniors were the loudest, especially with the senior football players joining in to battle with the lower grades.

    “My favorite part was when everyone else was booing the freshmen,” ninth grader Syndey Peters said.
    Before the end of the pep rally, students were to recite the school song by saluting West with the ‘W’ hand signal as a tribute to our school to honor the ultimate ideal of what our school represents.