Football Scores

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Mustangs play Bryan
November 21, 2014

Staff Photo

Xavier Garret, Mustang #7, attempts to block the point after the touchdown, during the Pearland-Dawson Varsity Game.

This football season the Sub Varsity and Varsity Mustangs
have had two scrimmages along with two games.
The play this season has been very successful.

We swept Livingston!
Everyone beat them!
The scores were:

Freshman Gold – 40-0

Freshman maroon – 46-6

JV Gold – 21-0

JV Maroon – 36-6

Varsity – 54-34

The Mustangs also played an extremely tough
competitor in Pearland-Dawson last week;
although we lost, we played good defensive games
to prove how tough West really is.

The scores were:

Freshman gold – 6-8

Freshman maroon – 14-21

JV Gold – 22-22

JV Maroon – 7-28

Varsity – 51-60

Even thought we lost the heart-breaker to
Pearland-Dawson this year, our teams did sweep
Livingston and played absolutely, great defensive games
against the Eagles.
After a great start to the new season and
to two great games we expect to continue doing positive plays
when playing against Huntsville this week.