Soaring to the top

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    September’s Recognition
    September 23, 2014

    Sophomore Emily Perkins shines on the field during the Dawson Vs. MagWest Football game.

    Sophomore Emily Perkins, a star twirler in her own right, has competed in many competitions at school and around the country.

    “My mom coached a twirling team when I was younger and I wanted to be a part of it,” stated Perkins. The aspiring Sophomore also competed over the summer and improved her overall ranking in the world.

    “The main two [competitions] I went to were Regional and Nationals,” Emily stated. The Regional competition took place in “Tyler, Texas and Nationals were in Stockton, California.”

    She did very well in both of these competitions. “At Regional I won grand champion (all ages) in dance twirl and two baton, and at Nationals I won one baton and two baton,” Perkins stated.
    Emily works very hard for these competitions and continues to excel to get where she currently is and to stay on top.

    Perkins’ accomplishments entitled her to an recognition by the MISD board where she demonstrated her talent for the administrators.

    As the feature twirler, Emily performs at the halftime show where she is showcased as West’s only twirler who performs with the band and the color guard.