Is Vaping Worth the Time

Popping up in small shops around the county are electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs, and they have been a problem for many schools.

Safer than tobacco? Or a new way for our generation to become addicted to  a bad habit?

Nicotine, it’s in a cigarette and and also in the new e-cig. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that grows in tobacco and has been around the United States for hundreds of years.

Yes, e-cigs are safer than tobacco but those under the age of 18 should not be smoking in the first place.  Electronic cigarettes were made for adults who find it hard to quit smoking.

Creator Han Lik, a Chinese smoker and pharmacist, set forth to develop e-cigs in 2003 after his father died of lung cancer.

If you don’t already smoke, don’t start smoking e-cigs. E-cigs can affect brain development, cause anxiety and depression, and can also make you feel anxious, irritable and restless.

Scientist don’t know the long term effects of this product as of today.

Since this is a product which you put your own chemicals in to satisfy the nicotine addiction, you don’t know if someone else will put another substance in it, which is very common, and can be illegal or even lethal.

Just to be certain for students to know, if this product is found on MISD or on Magnolia West property, the consequences for those students who are in possession of this product will be 3 days of ISS, confiscation of the material and it will be destroyed, and students will find themselves in the DAEP program depending on if there is a harmful substance in it.