The Unseen – Allie Grimaldo

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    Often overlooked and most likely seen as just another face in the crowd, most students strive for their existence in small town circuits. Among these faces are those who are the hidden, the undetected, The Unseen.

    Junior Allie Grimaldo is one of the many students who feels that she goes unnoticed on a day-to-day basis, who has extraordinary talents, but  does not necessarily fit into regular school curriculum, but undeniably deserves to be visible. Spending the majority of her time drawing wolves, dragons, various anime characters and more, Allie only uses pencil and black ink as her form of “self expression.”

    She has the ability to create an original masterpiece entirely from her own thoughts and she hopes to one day further her artistic abilities and “design characters for video games.”

    Everyday hundreds of remarkable students across America fly under the radar, but have the potential to soar higher than the rest. Allie is one of the many who shines in her own way and here is where her light will be seen and recognized for its’ true nature.

    Not everyone has the ability to be the star athlete, varsity cheerleader, or valedictorian, however every student has their own niche and deserves the chance to show what makes them unique in their own way. Allie Grimaldo will no longer be hidden, no longer remain undetected, will no longer be – ‘Unseen.’