Traffic Jams

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Class Battle
September 16, 2014

Be boppin’ on the way to school down FM 1774, talking to friends and being excited about the first day of school, and suddenly you find a traffic jam. Wait a minute- something’s different?

It’s a question that is on just about everyone’s minds- why was the new driveway entrance to the school built?

Last year the Mustangs sign was taken down and some small changes were happening. This year a new driveway was built in front of the school to help widen the retention pond out front. Even more research discovered that the Texas Department of Transportation Services planned this for their expressway / Aggie Highway that is coming to Magnolia in about a year or two.

There are no other major plans for the school construction wise, but there is going to be a ‘special’ surprise over Christmas break, according to Dr. Schnautz. No more details until further notice.