New Director, New Traditions

Kimberly Hicks

“We want to make sure that the high-quality traditions are kept to honor students.”

Mr.Hicks said when asked if he was going to keep any of the older traditions made in the previous years. Many students are very invested in the band and have been since they started high school. So needless to say, the band student body would like to keep them.

“I feel like He’s already made a lot of changes, but who knows they might be for the better of the band, but he seems like he might not understand how to handle some situations.”

An anonymous source said when asked about their feelings toward the new band director. This student was very close with the old band directors and They think the biggest change is going to be how the band is run. They love the fact that Mr.Hicks is very structured, and organized and plans things out, but they just feel like He’s not addressing their concerns even when asked questions directly.

“Yes, we will have the drumline play in the halls in the morning however then will not be anyone yelling through a megaphone.”

Mr.Hicks responded when asked if he would continue with the Friday morning drumline in the hallways before classes start. He would like to keep a positive environment for the kids while still giving structure and trying to get better as a whole band. He wants the band to be a fun rewarding experience. He hopes that with the fun yet structured way he runs the band he can double the number of kids who would like to join in the years coming. As any normal teacher, he wants the best for his students. His current goal is just to keep going in a positive direction with the band’s performance

“He’s great. He’s very organized and he actually gets stuff done instead of just lecturing us all class period.” Octavio Daskalos said this when asked his opinion of Mr.Hicks.

Daskalos thinks that Mr.Hicks is a great teacher and he is very friendly. He thinks Mr.Hicks has some good leadership skills and the band, might actually have a chance to improve since they will be able to practice more instead of being told what they should be doing better. Knowing this Daskalos is very excited about the upcoming year.