Looking into the future

Kimberly Hicks , Reporter

Electives in high school lead down a path that is unexpected.

Junior Emily Garren found out the hard way that ROTC was the path to her future.

¨Sometimes it can be hard but it is definitely worth it,¨ Emily said.

She is a petty officer 3rd class in the ROTC program which is also known as PO3. Emily first joined this program because her parents thought it would teach her discipline.

¨I thought about quitting because there are a lot of kids who don’t take it seriously but I was motivated to stay by the higher rank in ROTC, the higher my rank is the higher it will be when I join the [service],¨ Emily said.

However, after sophomore year a lot of the kids who didn’t take ROTC  seriously were no longer in it whether they just dropped it or they would take a different plan for a different future.

Her favorite part of ROTC is Physical training, which is also just called PT.  This is her favorite because she loves a good workout challenge. She likes to do the O-course, or obstacle course because she loves to maneuver around the barriers the commands set up. Although it can be very difficult at times she still said it’s very much worth it. 

“After high school, I plan on joining the National Guard.¨

Emily was inspired to join the guard because that is the part of the military her older sister is in. 

¨I would recommend ROTC to underclassmen for three reasons,” Emily said. “One – You can make friendships that can last a lifetime or just [to] the end of high school. Two – you learn how to be a good leader and how to think on your feet. And three – it’s just a really cool program that can be a lot of fun when you actually try.¨