Flips and Serves

Jasmine Degollado, Reporter

   Many students view after school as their time to rest at home after a long day of work, but not Griselda. She does extracurricular sports like tumbling and tennis, she puts in hard work in both of them.

   Griselda goes to after-school lessons for tumbling with her coach, she teaches her different tricks such as front walkovers, back walkovers, back handsprings, and back tucks. she stays for tennis practice every Wednesday at school.

   “Being active after school is important to me because it keeps me busy because I don’t like being at home with nothing to do”, Griselda said. “I find both sports very entertaining and enjoyable”.

     Griselda finds both sports enjoyable in different ways. One being because of her friends and the other being because she actually enjoys the sport and has a passion for it.

   “I find tennis enjoyable because I have friends in the class and in the after-school practices,”  she said. “But I also enjoy playing tennis”.

      Having a passion for a sport can get you very far, very fast since you dedicate all your time and ability to it. Griselda finds tumbling enjoyable because of her interest in the sport.

   “I’ve been interested in tumbling since I was in middle school, but I was too scared to actually try it out, ” Griselda said. “ Now that I’m actually going through with this interest, I found out how much I enjoy it”.

      But don’t think just because she enjoys it more, that it’s easier, Griselda says that tumbling is much harder and requires different abilities than tennis.

     “Tumbling is much harder and more challenging than tennis, which is why I find it more fun and try harder in”, Griselda said.

       Griselda wants to achieve goals she’s made for herself for both sports. She’s planning on working harder than ever to get far in tumbling.

     “Overall tumbling and tennis have kept me busy and I enjoy both sports in different ways”, she said. “I hope I can get far in both sports and accomplish my goals for both of them”.