Questionable Answers

Abigail McNeil , Reporter

The medical condition called hypochondriasis is defined as worry over an imagined illness with exaggeration of symptoms. 

Hailee Allred, who has her whole life ahead of her, will often find herself worrying about if she has a disease or illness when the smallest inconvenience happens. The easy access of health information on the web has certainly helped countless people make educated decisions about their health and medical treatment, but for people who are likely to worry, it wouldn’t help them at all.

“I subtly tell my mom something is wrong, and then go deeper into the level of worry and anxiety. Then I bring up the whole “what if it’s cancer or heart conditions, and then my mom will tell me that it’s all in my head,” Hailee said.

Hailee goes to the doctor’s office about three times a year. The doctor’s office freaks her out because waiting for the results of what is wrong with her makes her anxious. Another reason as to why she freaks herself out so much is also because of doctors misdiagnosis. Hailee has been misdiagnosed before, and since then it’s always been in the back of her mind. 

“I feel like they didn’t know, so they gave me ibuprofen,” Halee said. “Then after the symptoms didn’t go away we went back and found out it was because of my thyroid problems, which would have led to diabetes if they wouldn’t have caught it.” 

Hailee is more drawn to the medical shows, because she likes to see what could possibly happen if that were her.

“It’s interesting to see what others have to go through and you almost feel connected to them in a way because you feel their pain and emotions through the tv.”