Technology Tech

Abigail McNeil , Reporter

At any school, there are a lot of important jobs. One important job is technology, book room, and subs. This employee does all of these jobs while only making barely a minimum. 

 Mrs. Stacey Nordt is the Instructional Material Clerk. She has worked in Magnolia for 16 years and at the high school for 12 years. To start her day off in the morning she usually gets the subs ready for the next day so she doesn’t have to do it the day of.

It takes her from about 7:00 to 9:30 every morning. She gets to the school every morning at 5:30 but does not clock in till 6:00 because she needs everything ready.

 “When a teacher calls in at the last minute, which is quite often then you think it would be, I have to shuffle around all the subs again to see who can fill it in.” says Nordt 

Usually when teachers call in some classes have to go to the commons because she hasn’t called enough subs the day before. The most subs she’s had in a day due to teacher absences is 35 but there are always 5 floating subs for a regular day.  She also has to give the weekly absences report to the Assistant Principals when a teacher is absent.

“For technology I am responsible for the upkeep of technical equipment in the auditorium and in the commons,” she said. “Also assistance as needed for faculty presentations throughout the building.”

 Technology is copiers, work orders, food service, security, and ICF which is instrumental in the disposal of old, and retired technical equipment. Also IDF closets, these are the rooms that contain the connections for all the networks, and wifi. She makes sure they are up and running, and checks in the packages from UPS. She works at the front desk every day for 30 minutes and when Miss Cynthia Anaya has a meeting to translate, she takes her place.

“I’m not the main person for the book room, but I am responsible for the inventory of nearly $900,000 in textbooks.”  

She handles the distribution and collection of class sets of books to all core teachers and the distribution and collection of books to students. Nordt also coordinates with teachers to arrange additional student check-outs and returns along with ordering new books as needed from the ESC. mailing out letters to students (100s) for missing books. Collecting funds from students who lost books. Keeping an accurate spreadsheet of funds incoming money, preparing money to be deposited and boxing up textbooks that are out of adoption, and sending them to ESC for disposal.

Nordt is busy every day from when she gets to school to when she leaves. Not only with the subs who I’m sure cause her a lot of trouble sometimes, but with almost everything else that someone else should be handling considering the job she’s put down for is technical.

“Even though it is a lot, I like doing [all that is asked of me] cause it gives me stuff to do, even if sometimes it is a little hard to keep up.”