New Experiences

Stephanie Parsley , Reporter

From doing something simple as standing outside giving water to the athletes, to helping them when they tear a muscle, the athletic trainers do it all. 

One example of an athletic training student is sophomore Kaylee Kilgore. She represents this program by spending her time down at the field house learning ways to help injured athletes, but when she’s not doing that she’s making new friends with the other student trainers.   

“It’s like a second family and it’s just an amazing environment to be around,”  Kaylee said. 

There are two important trainers who helped her learn a lot about the program. Seniors Shelby Sebastian and Evelyn Fouriquet have been a tremendous help in learning how to handle student training situations. 

“To be there first hand if a player of any sport is hurt is a gift to us trainers,” she said.

This learning experience teaches how important it is to help others, especially when they really need a helping hand. Just to be a part of the journey and make some good memories is something she enjoys. 

“What I take out of this experience the most is how good it is to try new things which can lead you to new paths,” Kaylee said.