First Job Experience

Paula Holmes, Reporter

Animals are like giant toddlers. If they don’t get what they want, they throw a fit of some sort to show how they feel. Most of the time, they are calm or are in some kind of a neutral mood.

Freshman Kathrine Russell works at a ranch in Spring, Texas, and works with animals such as horses, dogs, and donkeys. She helps take care of them and grooms them when it’s needed. She loves animals and hopes to continue to take care of them in the future.  

“I love working for this job,” Katherine said. “All of the [customers] and employees are so generous and I love working with the animals and helping around the ranch.”

Kathrine files papers for the animals and organizes their records so that when they go to their new home, they have current shot records and the dates of when they had them.

“Although I work in the office and file papers and don’t get to see the animals a lot, I love seeing the animals and visit them every chance that I get.”

Working at the ranch isn’t always butterflies and rainbows for Kathrine though.

“I think one of the worst things that happened was when we were giving the cats and dogs their shots and I knocked over the box of needles and I thought I picked them all up, but I didn’t and one of the girls stepped on one of the needles and they had to give her a tetanus shot.” 

According to Katherine, when she is working in the office and with the animals, she has to make sure she checks her surroundings to make sure that everything is picked up and out of the way.

“Sometimes we take pictures of them to send them to their new owners, but I really hate to see them go, or at least most of them.” 

She loves her job and helping people when it is needed

“Not only do I get paid more than usual, but it makes me feel proud of myself.”