Playing Basketball

Kyley Chumley , Reporter

 When athletes take punishments they learn from their mistakes and try not to do them again.

Freshman Brooklyn Burg plays basketball every Tuesday and Thursday during the winter season. She practices every day so that she does not make mistakes from practice in the games. 

“The reason I  love the sport so much is because it keeps me active and my family shares a love, passion for it,” she said. “ I have played for 11 years and started in elementary school.”

When she gets mad or upset about anything she takes deep breaths and tries to control her anger, so Brooklyn doesn’t get in trouble with any of the coaches.

”You can go very far in basketball and other sports,” Brooklyn said. “The cool thing is I play all positions, so I am very tired after all the games.”

After all the games she goes home and takes a cool shower and just falls asleep, but sometimes she goes and takes an ice bath.

One day she wants to play at Texas Tech. She’s wanted to play there and says it’s her dream.

Basketball helps you stay active. And she can improve during games with” handling and staying calm under pressure.”

The activity Brooklyn hates is conditioning. The one thing she dreads most is” going to practice or games is conditioning].

She thinks she will not stop playing basketball anytime soon because she “loves the sport so much.”