The Game

Sam Gonzalez , Reporter

Basketball is a way of life. 

Watching his relatives, Elijah Portalis or “Fendi” became the starting point guard for the Mustangs every Tuesday and Friday night. 

“Basketball was played in my house for a very long time and watching my uncles play made me get into it,” Elijah said. 

 He began his basketball journey at the age of 5-6.

“I love the pace of the game,” he said. “I would love to go to school for basketball as well.” 

Elijah has two siblings, Kamari and Xavier and Xavier starts on the basketball team while Kamari plays college basketball. 

“My favorite part about my game is that I am very versatile and how I can finish at the hoop.”

He has had multiple knee injuries that have set him back. 

“It’s about how hard you work during that time out that shows how bad you want it.”