Major Supporters for Junior Flutist

Kiaylah Jones, Reporter

Although she plays in the band, junior Ariel Jones enjoys being with the Color Guard more.        

She plays the flute and has been playing since she was in fifth grade. For about eight years

Ariel made it clear her biggest supporters are her mother, student aide Mrs.Tiffany Jones and senior, Shalynn Daniels. Her mother attends every game, contest and competition no matter what. Shalynn attends football games but can’t always be there because of how often she works.

“The easiest thing to do in marching season when it comes down to helping others is teaching the freshman the counts and the footsteps,” Ariel said. “I like to go to football games and competitions especially when we travel. I like performing with Color Guard although I don’t ever really notice them as long as we don’t get in each other’s way.”

Ariel was pretty upset because this year was her last year to go to the UIL and Area State competition. She feels it wasn’t a fair chance because she had to march in the rain and she wants a redo of this year, so they’ll be able to visit San Antonio. Each performance made Ariel want to be better at the next one.

“I am flute number one and section leader,” Ariel said. “Being a section leader is a very important job because it gives you a chance to help others in the band. It  gives you great leadership skills and gets you out of your comfort zone.”

Ariel liked the traveling she did going to football games because she was able to connect with other students that are not in her section or in the band. She made friends with the school  Color Guard, made friends with kids from the other schools the team played, and she listened to music, ate road snacks, and best of all took long naps. 

“I have twelve other students in my section but there are 10 section leaders in total,” Ariel said.  “Being a section leader is about being a leader and teaching others how to be a leader [along with] keeping your section in check and always making sure that they are doing what they should be.”

Ariel prefers marching to performing for the fillies because she feels it’s boring and she doesn’t like just standing there and would rather march. She performs with the Color Guard because she gets to move around and play. Performing in the bleachers is fun for her because it keeps the crowd entertained. Ariel performs Friday Night Lights throughout the football season with the Color Guard and the Fillies.”

“Out of all of the band directors Tai Livingston has taught me the most,” she said.  “He taught me how to be a better musician and how to hold my instrument parallel to the ground.”