Forging Ahead with Big Plans

Alexya Gonzalez, Reporter

Straight A student, freshman Perla Olivo, plans on being a cheerleader for the rest of high school while also in AP and plans to continue her education with IB classes before she graduates.

Perla’s schedule is full and busy; you basically have to make an appointment to hang out with her or ask her a week in advance. Between all advanced classes, a college course class that requires time out of school, and cheer, she almost has no time to breathe. Although cheer takes up a lot of her time, it’s her favorite thing to do.

“In my free time, I work out, I love reading, I go to the mall, and I cheer,” Perla said. ”I’ve only been cheering for a year but I did tumbling for four years.”

Perla started cheering freshman year. She hopes to make varsity cheer within the next three years.

“I wanted to be more involved in school and not be lazy. I wanted to stay active or be a part of a club. I just wanted to do something and stay busy,” said Perla.

During her freshman year, Perla cheered at all of the home freshman football games, four varsity football games, and two varsity basketball games. 

“My favorite memory overall, was when I got to cheer at MagBowl and we won,” said Perla.

Although she doesn’t enjoy it as much as she used to, she still has fun and every now and then it’s her therapy.