Inspiration at a Car Meet

Student Photographer finds his calling in photos taken at Drag Strip

Emily Baker, Reporter

Car Meets inspire photographers with unusual photos and with their shiny and loud engines.

Junior Hayden Lacourse went to his first Car Meet at Tx2k which is a drag race held and Houston’s Raceway Park last year in Baytown. This chance sighting of various cars speeding down the drag strip inspired him to do his own photography.

“A warm cinematic look is my style in photography,” Hayden said. 

Out of all the photos that Hayden has taken, his favorite is one that has an Electric Blue Nissan with a black hood. This is his favorite because the background and lighting complimented the car really well.

“The [photography] gear I used while taking pictures was a Canon SX540 at first, then [I]upgraded to Canon Rebel T5 with a polarizer and lens shade cover.”

Among the gear that Hayden had purchased, he wishes he never purchased the tripod because he never ended up using it as much as he thought he would because he feels he’s already stabilized himself.

“The work that inspired me the most during photography was a photographer Cr2hannah on Instagram.”

Hayden educated himself to take better pictures by looking at others’ work to get inspired and do better.

“If you’re planning on starting in photography, your starter camera should be a Canon Rebel T5.”

Hayden thinks that the most important thing to know about photography is to learn about the lighting and angles because they really help with the outcome of the photos.

“The thing that motivates me the most to continue doing photography is the support I get from other photographers, and most importantly friends and family.”