Navy Bound

Roman Montano, Reporter

It’s not unusual for a woman to go into the Navy, but it is unusual for a woman to fly or fix planes in the Navy.

ROTC member senior Halie Brandon, who is the highest rank in the program,  is a Lieutenant Jr. grade.

JROTC feels like a professional job because she has worked for it and her parents accept her work in it and are proud of her accomplishments.  The military makes her feel successful and empowered.

“I like how you do cool things like flying an aircraft or just being on open water,” Halie said. “It all seems really fun. I would enjoy the job.”

The military is very interesting and offers broad opportunities for different work fields and she is looking forward to joining.

“The fact you don’t need college for the Navy and you don’t need to invest any money in it {is positive}. The paycheck is pretty sweet, too.”

The experience from the military makes all the difference in the world, especially when getting a job in any number of fields.

“{JROTC} helps keep my discipline in check because without it I would probably be doing really bad things to myself and just acting like a punk in general.” 

The military was a good turnaround and gave her an opportunity that she didn’t have beforehand. 

“Military means putting yourself in harm’s way for your country and family which is how you get honored, people appreciating your service,” Halie said. “Military is taking risks so that you can protect the country and honor your parents and everyone else with a job and opportunities. Not disappointing my family and becoming someone they could never be. I’d be the first female to go into the military for my family.”