Music Review: Butterflies

Mason Hughes , Reporter

“Butterflies” by MAX and Ali Gatie is a beautiful track that explains what it is like to feel true love. The use of figurative language in the song adds a layer of depth. It forces the listener to think about the music for just a little longer.

“You could give me chills on a summer day.”  This hyperbole helps develop the listener’s understanding of how MAX feels about his soulmate by exaggerating the nervousness that he gets.

Similar to most pop songs, “Butterflies” can get repetitive. Specific lyrics repeat one after the other over and over. Repetitiveness makes the song feel more shallow, and it loses some depth.

However, this depth is quickly recovered through the beautiful lyrics MAX and Ali sing. The lines are motivating and refreshing, as they shine such a beautiful light on the complex world of love.

MAX released “Butterflies” shortly after signing with Warner Records. Warner Records is no small label, and this is a massive accomplishment for MAX. A stepping stone into greatness leads to another as the artist can team up with the fabulous Ali Gatie. Ali adds a lot of depth to the song with a unique voice and flow.

“Butterflies” is a solid track that discusses the beauty of love and the feeling of encountering someone you truly and genuinely have feelings for. Despite the repetitiveness, the song creates a massive path for MAX into mainstream media with his brand new record deal from Warner Records.