Cross Country



Marianna Souriall, Copy Editor

As each step brings runners closer to the finish line, adrenaline increases and hearts beat rapidly while brisk air fills the athlete’s lungs. The cross country team  worked on consistency year round, but even more so, the team went the extra mile to make each member feel welcome.

“I love cross country because even though it’s a sport partly based on individual success, we all stick together and treat each other like family,” Sophomore Kathleen Hicks said.

 The runners had continuous support from all people involved with the team, such as coaches and managers, in addition to family and friends. 

“Coach Morrett is very patient with us and he goes above and beyond for us,” sophomore Tess Gallegos said.

The team encouraged each other every step of the way and made memories to last a lifetime. 

“Cross country is important because it gave me so many good memories like when the boys JV team got a 7 second split,” freshman Bryan Padillo said

Cross country became more than a race but a creative outlet for each runner to support individual success and grow as a team.  

“The people in cross country are all very welcoming and generous. We are more like a family and every day of practice is full of laughter,” sophomore Alexis Lopez said.