Varsity Softball

Marianna Souriall, Copy Editor

The dirt flying, the brash winds, the adrenaline rush, reaching first base, the softball team goes from unranked to number 23 in the state. Sweat dripping and hearts pumping, clenching not only second base but number 17 in the state. Rounding the corner with hair stuck to the grime of the face, the softball team has worked tirelessly to reach third base and number 9 in the state. With a 21-4 record for the state and the future yet to come, the softball team has remained undefeated in the district, 10-0. 

Throughout the season, varsity coach, Jeremy Collins has enforced strategies that not only exercise the physical aspects of the game but the mental areas as well. 

“I’m proud that the mental toughness has been there as a young group, obviously being ranked number nine in the state is unbelievable, and they have found a way to get better everyday,” Varsity coach Collins said. 

The team has strived to form a unified front, becoming far more than a team but family. Softball has formed a safe haven for the girls at Magnolia West and identifies itself as a constant in the lives of many of the players. 

“Softball is something I can basically always rely on, and it’s really never let me down. Emotionally it has gotten me through so much,” Varsity player Ryleigh Nevarez said. 

The passion and common interest of the girls on the team has cultivated a positive outlet in which yes on a surface level, skills are improved and techniques are strengthened however, on a deeper level it should be noted that the softball team has influenced the everyday lives of the players on and off the field. 

“I feel like I’ve not only improved in the game but my everyday life, how I view things now is different because of my team” Junior Victoria Vaughn said. 

The entire softball team from players to coaches has contributed to what makes the program what it is today. 

“I always encourage them to play with passion, always ask them ‘How do you want to be remembered, What kind of team player do you want to be, What kind of person do you want to be’” assistant coach Heather Guerra said. “I just try to go out there and have them enjoy themselves because that’s really what it’s all about”