Football Article


Aidan Saenz


Marianna Souriall, Copy Editor

As the season has come to an end, the players reflect upon a year full of leadership, advancements, and achievements. 

  This fall, First Team All-District,Tristan Brady, passes 1,898 yards for 21 touchdowns and rushes 264 yards for 5 touchdowns. Offensive Newcomer of the Year, Hunter Bilbo, rushes 1,080 yards for 6 touchdowns, and First Team All-District, Gauge Wade, collected 97 tackles and 2 sacks.
“I’m proud they made it to playoffs and showed dedication all year long”

Individuals grew throughout the year and became role models for newer members. As the program continues to improve, it is evident that athletes mature into team players and put others before themselves. 

“Football has taught me self discipline and how to overcome adversity,” senior Gauge Wade said.

Respect is the bond holding the united front together Taught by coaches and implemented by players, each person becomes more than an exceptional athlete, but an exceptional individual as well. 

“Football has taught me respect your coaches and to listen when others are talking,” junior Landon Thomas said.

As growth is encouraged the team will continue to work on sportsmanship and performance on and off the field, showing others that football is the game of perseverance and determination. 

There are many things that make the football team special, like “the unity on the team; everyone has each other’s backs,” Dylan Taylor, |11|, said.