Free Time is Not Her Friend

Multi talented freshman joins the ranks

Jordan Hasbrouck

As a little girl, she started learning how to play instruments.

“I play guitar, I play piano, I play the violin, I play trumpet and that’s all,” Freshman Ana Brown said. “[I learned to play] Over the course of like, a long time, to sum it up. Since I was a little kid I’ve been playing instruments.”

Ana Brown plays five instruments total, which means she has to have time set aside each day to play the instruments in order to ensure she doesn’t forget how to play. 

Learning an instrument is one thing, but learning and keeping up with multiple instruments is a lot to have on anyone’s plate. 

Not only does she play these different instruments, but she is also in choir, color-guard, and theater. She doesn’t have a lot of free time, but she still persists and makes sure to make time for everything. 

“I like to think I get at least an hour or two,” Ana Brown said. “That’s how much I try to get to practice my instruments. I don’t always get time, due to schoolwork and performances and practices.”

Most people assume she was forced to learn these instruments by her parents. Although some parents do force their children to learn an instrument starting at a young age, Ana wanted to play instruments on her own. She knew she wanted a future in music and wanted to get started as soon as possible.

“I really wanted to play instruments,” Ana said. “Like I really wanted to be involved in music before I was in choir or anything, so I just started off playing them [on my own].”