Another option for college credit while in high school

Savannah Worton, Report/Writer

AP or Advanced  Placement are highschool courses offered in the schools around American and Canada that provide college-level classes exams and credits. These classes allow students to further their education while still in high school.

“Advanced placement is run by the college board, which is a separate entity from International Baccalaureate,” AP Human Geography and World History teacher Mr. Thomas Wurst said.

Although the IB is a different form of advanced education, together AP and IB are what make up the advanced academics in Magnolia ISD.

“There’s a lot of upper-level thinking,” Tommy Wurst said.

With the college credit that you can obtain from ap come rigorous and mentally challenging work.

“College board publishes an outline they call it a description for every single one of the ap courses they offer,”

Ap classes are run off of a regimen posted by the college board every year that presents the teams that will be represented on the end of year exam.

“Being in an AP class was stressful, hard, and a headache,” said sophomore Jack McCarty.

When signing up to be an AP student comes with a heavier workload than a regular student.

“There are college-level expectations, so I’m gonna treat them like adults,” Wurst said.