From one extreme to the other

Savannah Worten, Reporter/Staff Writer

From reptiles scales to horses manes, this senior’s interest in animals is astounding.

A senior, Kassidy Tomman-Pierce, doubles as Barrel racer, and reptile enthusiast.

“I got a pet mouse, and it started breeding, my dad said he was gonna solve the problem and got me a snake,” senior Kassidy Toman-pierce said

Kassidy Tomman-Pierce has had a thing for reptiles since her dad introduced her to snakes 12 years ago.

“I had a bearded dragon named knife; he was my favorite,” said Kassidy.

A bearded dragon named knife was Kassidy’s scaley sidekick until his passing. Although she has recently rescued a lizard who has burn scars and is ironically named Bernadette.

“I have a real nice boa,” Toman-Pierce said, “she likes to slide under my glasses and take them off.”

Lizards aren’t the only reptile this senior currently has stationed in her home, and her father also has a unique collection of about 50 or more snakes.

“It’s fast I like speeding on the horse,” said the senior

Besides being a reptile lady, she’s also an exquisite barrel racer.

“I’ve been racing since I was seven, I’m 17 now so ten years”

Just like her reptile obsession, this senior has been a barrel racer since a young age, but she doesn’t just race the horses; she also helps younger kids learn to ride.

“I really love animals, they’re really nice, and they don’t talk back,” senior Kassidy Toman-Pierce said.