Helping to Save Lives

Kerstin McClosky, Reporter/Staff Writer

The annual blood drive was held Wednesday, October 30, and 121 donors signed up to donate with only 98 being able to give due to particular circumstances. A total of 119 supplies were collected which means 357 lives were saved.

“If you donate, you save three lives, and so we really want to promote that,” Skills Vice President, junior Reagan Reed said, “it’s just a way of helping out.”

Students that participated know how important it is to give to those in need and want to be a part of helping whenever they can.

“It’s really important because you should help out other people that need blood,” junior Tristan Walters said, “we have plenty of blood to spare so, you might as well give it away.”

It takes teamwork to run the blood drives twice every school year with the Skills members working hard to organize sign-ups and run the blood drive, the coaches allowing the use of the gym, and the maintenance crew supplies the furniture used.

“This is such a great opportunity to save so many lives,” Certified Nursing Assistant Teacher Kristine Morley said, “I truly appreciate all the students and staff that donate every time.”