Electronic Trends

Apple’s new features surprise camera fans

Savannah Worton, Reporter/Staff Writer

With the three iPhones being released by Apple, customers review the features introduced which yield a higher price tag that comes with any new electronic device to make sure the wait is worthwhile. 

“I think the new iPhone camera looks like a cyclops, the three cameras kinda looks like a third eye and it’s kinda weird,” sophomore Brianna Tunnel said.

Although the triple-lens camera on the iPhone 11 pro may look funny to some, people who enjoy taking pictures but don’t have another option appreciate this new feature.

“I like the new iPhone camera because it is more clear, and takes better photos,” sophomore Avery Solomon said. 

The new and updated camera comes to buyers with the enhanced abilities which were lacking in previous models. Night shots are clearer along with sharper portraits for those novice photogs.  

“If I had the money to buy the new iPhone I would because the camera quality is good,”  sophomore Emily Mcdaniel said.

The release of the device may have a high price tag, but customers seem ready to pay a pretty penny for a ‘fresh off the shelf’ electronics.

“I think the new colors are very unique,” sophomore Kyle Nash said.

Another reason for the excitement about the new version is the new colors Apple is introducing, such as pastel purple or mint green.

“Everyone gets so obsessed with every new iPhone that comes out,” sophomore Alexa Michael said.