Hyped for Hoco

The student body anticipates Homecoming Week

Marianna Souriall, Reporter/Staff Writer

Homecoming week is around the corner, and it’s time to let our school spirit show. As the countdown begins, seniors are ready to celebrate their last as Mustangs and freshmen are inducted into the traditions of high school.

Dress up week starts Tuesday, October 15th. The Homecoming game will be that Friday, the 18th, against the Waller Bulldogs. The Midnight Ball theme has been chosen for the dance to be held Saturday night.

Disney Character Day is set for Tuesday and anticipation is rising to see what the students will decide to wear.

“I’m excited for Disney Day for Homecoming because I can dress up as my favorite character,” sophomore Nicole Haker said.

Wednesday, students are encouraged to be Out of the World with a galaxy dress theme and then to be adventurous with a Tacky Tourist Theme on Thursday.

“I’m excited for Tacky Tourist because I have so many things to go along with the theme,” sophomore Savannah Worton said.

New ideas for dress-up days come and go; however, one will always remain as a school favorite. Gold out will be Friday as the rush of adrenaline sparks students’ excitement by reminding all that West is forever golden.

“I’m excited about Homecoming because it’s a big dance, so I get to be with a group of friends and have a good time, spend a lot of time with our dates,” junior Pete Hernandez said.