Tough Enough

Freshman proves she can play in a new arena


Ta'Cambrian Stribling

In front of the field she hopes to play on as a varsity member. Jena Rubalcaba, 9, joins Coach Justin Beasley before late afternoon practice.

Ta'Cambrian Stribling, staff writer

Being on a team is being part of a family, they work together, cry together and succeed together.  Freshman players are the babies, the JV and varsity are the older brothers who are there to teach those who are beginning of learning the game and the coaches are parents who guide them through the process.

Everyone comes to the games to support the teams as if they are on the team.

But one freshman stands out. For the first time in school history, a girl is playing football with the boys, even though she might not be accepted by everyone, just yet. 

“Jena works just as hard as anybody else and puts in as much time,” freshmen Coach William Woljevach said. “She is very passionate about what she loves whether it’s on the practice field or in games, even in the weight room.  She’s  working very hard at something that she loves, so that is an inspiration to all.”  

Although this change is exciting, there are times when Jena feels as though some players might be uncomfortable with her being on the team. She uses this as a vehicle which encourages her to do better and show them she is right where she belongs.

“Some of them are kinda weirded out, they’re just like ew, why is she here,” freshman Jena Rubalcaba said. “But some of the guys respect the fact that ‘hey you’re doing something different so we respect you for that.’”

Jena doesn’t let anything stop her from her goals, and her football family is there to help her achieve those goals. Her inspiration stems from the two most important people in her life from her immediate family.

“My dad and my grandpa would always tell me stories about like how they knocked down people on their butts and how they proved themselves,” Rubalcaba said.