It Chapter Two

Stephen King’s legacy continues for the next generation


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Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Kerstin McClosky, Staff Writer

After a two year wait, or perhaps a twenty-seven-year delay, the Losers are all grown up and back to defeat Pennywise once and for all. IT: Chapter Two, the sequel to the 2017 film IT, was released earlier this month and is already grossing $340 million total worldwide.

The story of IT takes place in a cozy little town called Derry, located in the state of Maine. The first film focuses on the Losers’ youth as well as their first experiences with Pennywise as individuals and as a group. In IT Chapter Two, the Losers are twenty-seven years older with their own lives far away from Derry.

IT Chapter Two does a great job with staying true to the book, there are no massive changes to appeal to the current generation which is common in the film industry. The CGI effects and costume makeup is also so much better than what was used in the previous movie. The actors picked to play the adult versions of the Losers Club kids were correctly chosen, the cast has excellent chemistry, and the resemblance to the child actors is spot on. The scares are much better. Rather than relying strictly on ‘jump scares,’ the scares are mostly subtle and eerie which creates a sense of paranoia in the viewer. Finally, the movie tugs at heartstrings, especially in the ending. Emotional viewers beware!

The only small flaws with the movie are the fact that it has a nearly three hour run time because some of it seems like unnecessary filler and the jumpscares that it does have are kind of weak compared to the previous movie.

IT Chapter Two is an excellent movie for any horror buff to watch, and it’s great for getting in the mood for the Halloween season