Information Zone

College Zone supplies seniors with ACT resources for after high school


Ta'Cambrian Stribling

Mrs. Linda Kenjura and Mrs. Kelly Kirpatrick await to answer questions for seniors in The College Zone.

Ta'Cambrian Stribling , Staff Writer

Any time of the day, students flood the College and Career Zone to get information about what to do after high school. The information seniors can get from the Zone or from the counselors is vast.

There are teachers who work hard to ensure seniors are on the right track towards a set goal after high school. During the year, these educators work hard to see each senior and sit down with them to set a plan of A.C.T.  with either Mrs. Linda Kenjura and Mrs. Kilpatrick.

“Our focus for seniors this year is to be sure that they have a plan once they graduate,” Kenjura said. 

That plan A.C.T and is an acronym for Active military, College or Trade school. 

Most seniors are ready to graduate when school begins and creates indecisiveness. 

we want to be sure that before February that they have a plan

As seniors are getting ready to graduate and their choices are numerous and confusing. Many are excited to move on to the next step. 

Although some seniors are still deciding, there are those who are applying for scholarships because they know exactly what they want to do. “My plan is to go to UT Austin and study journalism and become a freelance journalist,” senior Kerstin Mc’Closky said.

There is a countdown clock outside of the Zone to show seniors when Graduation day is approaching. The decision to begin a career, which college to attend, or to join the armed services is difficult for most students. 

Most schools send brochures and other pamphlets to encourage seniors to visit.

“Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mrs. Kenjura are really awesome, they help you prepare as much as they can and they give you all the answers to as many questions,” senior Penelope Castillo said.