To be the best

Texas releases state report cards after grading its’ schools


Savannah Worton

Magnolia West received a B in the state grading system informing parents how schools are performing.

Savannah Worton, Staff Writer

Controversies surround education every election year. The last few elections find those running for office debate ways for improving Texas schools and to solve the lack of higher-level learning.  For Texas, one solution is to create a grading system for all schools.   

Schools in Texas can receive an A-F grading scale along different distinctions earned based on the results of testing situations.

“We’re in a comparison group of 40 other schools,” Principal Dr. Ben King said.

Schools in Texas are separated into different groups known as distinction groups. These groups are based on the similarities between the schools that are being compared.

“We’re trying to graduate kids that are college-ready,’’ King said

West received 5 distinctions and is rated as a B.The A-F grades are based on the test scores as a whole while distinctions are based on how well you perform in your distinction sub-group

“The teachers here would take pride in their grade for their school because they can affect that,” AP and IB Academic Coordinator Jeremy Day said.                                                                                                                 

The school motto “We stand together, we strive together, we succeed together,” and with that comes effort being put in to earn more distinctions and an A for next years grading of our school.

“We are (doing well) across the board, we don’t really have like one glaring weakness,” King said.