Raising the Bar

Athletes find sports and academics go hand in hand


Marianna Souriall

With art as one of his electives, sophomore Evan Fortson attributes lessons from sports help his creativity in Mrs. Huntsman Art I class.

Marianna Souriall, Reporter/Staff Writer

More often than not it is believed that sports and academics are polar opposites however for many student-athletes, sports is a form of encouragement aiding in one’s education.  

Whether a student finds themselves in last place on the track or the score is down one to ten, athletes are taught to support teammates at their lowest and celebrate at their highest. In doing so, each player learns how to be a better person inside and out of the classroom. 

“Being an athlete helps me do better in school because it reminds me that I always need to work hard in everything that I do,” sophomore Joseph Matasso said.

Sports also inspire high schoolers to keep grades up while providing a healthy outlet to relieve the stress that comes with school. 

“Baseball helps me relieve stress, so when I’m able to do my homework, I’m not all pent up with a bunch of energy and I’m able to focus better,” sophomore Evan Fortson said. 

Just as teachers put forth efforts to make sure each scholar understands the concepts academically; coaches aspire to do the same on the field creating similar environments.

“It’s difficult because each student and every athlete has different ways of learning, different ways of teaching and helping them learn so you have to critique yourself as a coach,” baseball coach Logan Wilson said. 

Team sports encourage students to be better in all aspects of life and push kids to be the best possible version of themselves. 

“Sports motivate me to be a better leader to my peers,” sophomore Nathan Gonzaga said.