Chase Meadow , Staff

As the bittersweet ending of their senior year quickly approaches, Theatre students begin to realize that their last time to be onstage is drawing near. It is a moment in time that the actors and tech cherish.

Dramapalooza is a production filled with senior-directed scenes that are created with passion and creativity. It is a fun environment for students that are familiar with Theatre and would like to experience acting or tech.

“I love Dramapalooza,” junior Abby Marino said, “because I get to spend time with my awesome friends.”

In Love: The Musical, directed by senior Grace Gustin, the three characters are best friends who have grown up together. Remi and Luca become love interests, leaving Oli to put the pieces together and navigate the friendship.

“It’s going great, and we’re making progress,” junior Aidan Holt said, “and it’s a fun time.”
In Game of Tiaras, directed by senior Nathan Perez, three princesses compete for their father’s throne, while every character ends up dying throughout the story.

“Game of Tiaras is hilarious,” junior Ashley Bartos said, “and I enjoy getting to work with everyone.”
In Teddy and Lou, directed by senior Hannah Arungwa, these characters meet in an obscure way and end up becoming close friends. Henry falls for Lou, and their future begins.

“I think it’s really fun,” sophomore Trent Lamm said, “that I get to be directed by my own buddy.”
Being a senior in high school can be stressful, but when they are surrounded by activities that they enjoy, it will be an incredible experience.

“It feels good to use my Theatre experience to direct,” senior Hannah Arungwa said, “even though I’m going to miss acting on this stage.”