Out with the old; in with the new

Madysen Crawford , Staff

Magnolia West High School has been open for 13 years. Every year our school would decorate the hallways to match the season, sport, or mood. Sometimes the old principals would come in and put up a new decoration. They never took down the principals decorations from the year before so the halls are just a jumble of random things. This year we have a new principle, Dr. Ben King, and he wants to take out the old and bring in the new.

“I took stuff down throughout the school to put new things up.” Dr. Ben King said, “I wanted it all to be uniform and look like it all kinda went together for the most part.”

Making these changes can upset teachers and students or it can make them pay attention to what is on the walls and be satisfied with what they see. Having decorations on the walls can make students and teachers feel more at home.

“As I started talking to fine art teachers they were like any of this can be changed.” Dr.Ben King said, “One day we came in and it was here. They were all for making a change and make it look and hopefully make it look better.”

To have our school looking more uniform and not sterile, decorations have to be removed. With having the fine arts teachers all for making our school’s appearance in the halls more appealing, Dr.Ben King plans on taking down most of the old decorations to create more of a theme.

“We can make it look better and improve it.” Dr.Ben King said, “Obviously my intent is not to have blank walls and for it to look like a hospital. Dr.Ben King continued, “ When I say uniform I don’t mean every place has to look the same. I want it to look creative but neat”

Removing the old decorations and putting up new ones will take a lot of time and money. Dr.Ben King is working on getting money and timing figured out now.

“I want to make sure we’re good with our funds and that’s where we are right now. Dr.Ben King said, “Then once we match our budget, well start setting times for the different companies and do their work. It looks like it’ll be summertime before that happens.”

Dr.Ben King wants to get our hallways looking put together and improved as soon as possible but he also doesn’t want to make too much change after summer so us students can come back to new halls.

“I expect all of that work to be done over the summertime and be ready for the beginning of next school year.” Dr.Ben King said, “I like the idea of getting it all done over the summer so that kids can come back and be like oh wow look at this and this is new and oh this is cool.”