Marianna Souriall , Staff

In the ’80s, there were neon colors, in the ’90s there were mesh tops, and in today’s world, we embrace clothing brands. Thrasher and Vans, for example, produce articles of clothing designed for skating. Though the irony of it all is that the majority of kids, locally, don’t skate. Skate parks have become more obscure, and most teenagers find entertainment with their phones.
Cell phones have become the root of isolation, and face- to- face interaction has decreased over the years. Therefore students rely on trends to fit in.
“I feel popular because it’s a cool name brand that everybody wears.” Freshman, Marco Cervantes said
Feeling accepted is desired by many high schoolers. These types of clothing give the freedom to express yourself while being a part of a group; however, some who wear these brands do it because they see role models sporting the trend.
“Stay with what the celebrities are doing and stuff like that, you see celebrities like Justin Bieber, anybody associated with him, Hailey Baldwin, they all really represent the whole thrasher thing.” Volleyball Coach, McCardle
Thrasher and Vans will eventually become a sign of the times and it is known the future will only bring in new trends.
“With anything, they’re influenced by the people, what they see.” 9th grade English teacher, Mrs. Wong-Hayes