Senior Season

Haleigh Armstrong, Staff Writer

The football season was cut short at the second round of playoffs. Seniors are now focusing on their future and looking for their life after high school. The team overall was 9-3 and 6-1 in district. The last game was against Mansfield Timberview which resulted in a loss of 45-28. Some seniors plan on playing football at a higher and more competitive level. Others will pursue careers.

Players are looking at colleges consistently, and now is their time to make a decision on which school they want to attend and get a four year education. If they choose not to go to college, they will go to a trade school or the military. They are leaving behind the traditions and memories at West and moving forward.

“It is the best place for me to get a good education, and I want to play football there,” senior, John Andrews said, outside linebacker number 32, plans on attending college at A&M Commerce.

John has had a very exciting Senior season as outside linebacker on defense. The last few games of the district season, he had great moments during the games. He has the capability of going to a good college and adding another element to their football team.

“I want to go to Lonestar and transfer to Sam Houston University because they have the best criminal justice in Texas. If I can’t do that, I want to pursue landscaping or working in an Oil company,” senior, Alexis Mendoza, also referred to as Papi, Right Guard number 62 said.

Alexis is a very driven person full of heart and soul. He is always on the sidelines yelling up to the stands for the audience to get louder and cheer more. He brings the positivity and drive to the team.

“I’m hoping to go to Southern Methodist University because of their football team, while also focusing on Business Connections in order to get a good job when I get out of college,” senior Camden Engelke, left tackle number 75 said

Camden does not plan on going pro in football, but he does want to play in college. He has the mental capacity to do whatever his heart pleases. Engelke, along with the other players, give everything they have on and off the field.

In addition to leaving high school and football behind, the seniors will also be leaving many other traditions. Mendoza mentioned leaving behind and missing, “Hanging out with my brothers and playing football with them,” here at West.

“After high school, I will miss football because of all the memories, and the school song,” as it shows us all as one big family Andrews said.    

“I will miss having the convenience of living at home, and now having to move somewhere else,” Engelke said.

In college, there is a choice to live at home or in a dorm. Living at home is very easy other than the traffic.

A huge part of Magnolia West’s culture is the pep-rallies, singing the school song at the end of the rallies and football games, the dress up days, and the friday night lights.

“Having to look up to other players was nothing crazy, but having the lower classmen of football look up to us as the seniors, is a crazy feeling,” Camden said. “From us leaving a legacy, to them working on making their own.”