Bingo for Prom

Graphic courtesy of google images

Graphic courtesy of google images

Lilly Gerdes, Staff

School organizations participate in monthly bingo nights held throughout the school year to promote funding for activities. This type of event provides a family-friendly environment while bringing in revenue to supplement different areas of need.

Senior bingo night, along with other sports groups, will be the first bingo night of the year on October 27th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

Senior bingo night provides a large sum of the money which helps fund Prom and Project Prom for the class of 2019. This benefit is the perfect way to allow students to help with Prom and enjoy a family night of fun.

“The goal of Senior Bingo night is to promote a family atmosphere while raising money for the school and for prom,” said Assistant Principal Jason Fojt.

Selling tickets for bingo night reaps benefits for those participants. For each ticket sold the student gains tickets for the Project Prom raffle and free Prom tickets. This incentive provides the perfect win-win situation; however, since there is only one senior bingo night it has to be as big as possible in order to raise the money needed for these events.

“Once you sell eight tickets you get a free prom ticket, and if you sell 16 you get another free prom ticket for your date,” Fojt said. “Every ticket you sell you get a silent auction ticket for project prom. The silent auction is going to have prizes like 40-inch flat screen tv, laptop, and iPad.”

Students are required to sell eight tickets to receive a free prom ticket, but if the student sells 16 tickets they will receive a ticket for their date as well

“Right now, the tickets are $25.00,” Fojt said.  “When you sell (bingo) tickets you need to bring the money back to me and I will give you the (bingo) tickets, so you can give them back to the people you sold them to.”

Each person who pays $25 for their ticket gets to play 10 rounds of bingo. During their 10 rounds, there are plenty of opportunities for awesome prizes.

“Each game has a gift card prize with a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $100,” Fojt said.  “There will be chances to win door prizes throughout the night, and there are 4 chances to win a $250 gift card.”