Time to celebrate homecoming

Vaeh Meeks , Staff

The theme of homecoming is The Great Gatsby, from the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald about the roaring ‘20’s.  Student council members, along with World Geography teacher Mrs. Meredith Arterburn, created a list of themes for the dance and voted on the one they liked the best.     

The dance is Saturday October 13, from 7:00pm – 11:00pm.  A DJ from Complete DJ and Events will be there to provide the music. There will be a concession stand selling water and a variety of candy, chips and snacks. All items in the concessions will be $1.00.

Photo Texas will be available for pictures that night as well.

“The homecoming decorating committee has ordered tons of decorations that correlate with the theme,” World Geography Teacher Mrs. Meredith Arterburn said.  “The colors will mostly be black and gold, 1920’s.”

The theme the Great Gatsby comes from the midwest and its a movie and a novel based in the 1920’s that follows the people living of West Egg and East Egg on Prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922.

For the freshman class, homecoming is exciting because it’s their first experience with a homecoming which signals a time for alumni of the school to come back to celebrate festivities.  

“I cannot wait to dance like nobody’s watching and to be around all the happiness,” freshmen Madysen Crawford said.