Eligibility shows in grades

Arley Garcia , Staff

Every three weeks students are given progress reports to see their grades. This process marks the 2nd progress report released and determines the eligibility of student-athletes.

Students who do not have a grade of 70 or higher can not play in any sports. It is not until the next grade eligibility check students regain eligibility after grades are brought up to passing.

“If you can’t pass your classes, you shouldn’t play sports,” freshman tennis player Owen Maxwell said.   

Progress reports affect eligibility because if students do not bring grades up by the end of the next grade check it impacts their chances of playing.

“Progress reports [they] give athletes a shorter time to improve their grades,” Maxwell said.

Students show their concern about whether or not they can bring up their grades in time. Students in advanced or IB classes are left with a better chance at eligibility since a 60 lets them play with an approved waiver.

“Students can get really stressed if their grade drops and they need to get it up,” freshman golf player Edward Bueno said. “Later on in the year when work gets harder, it’s harder to raise their grade.”

No pass, no play allows students who work hard in classes participate on the field.

“Grade eligibility is a good way so kids have to work to play,” Bueno said.