Theatrical play in the works

Meadow Chase, Staff

The Theatre Company will present Bridge to Terabithia on Nov. 1, 3, and 5 in the auditorium.

The production is double cast, so all Theatre participants are either acting or helping with technical aspects of the play.

“The audience should know that there are two casts,” junior Ashley Bartos said, “and that they should come out and support both!”

Rehearsals for the production started last week, but the Company is being very productive. With table reads, memorization of lines, blocking, and run-throughs of the play – the Theatre group is working hard.

“I think the audience should have an open mind,” senior Hannah Arungwa said, “this is a kid’s show and it requires a lot of imagination.”

The actors and tech enjoy being involved with Theatre. They seem to spend most of their time doing what they love – either onstage or backstage.

“Being onstage makes me feel like I belong somewhere,” junior Hanna Mitchell said,  “and that I might be making an impact on my school.”

Bridge to Terabithia tells the story of 12-year-old neighbors, Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke who create a fantasy world called Terabithia, which is inhabited by magical creatures, and the two spend their time together in an abandoned tree house.

“The show is very powerful, emotional,” junior Abby Marino said, “and is coming along great!”