Senior Tradition Continues

Arley Garcia, Staff

Senior stars, placed on the stairs and ledges in the commons, show accomplishments of graduates entering their final year. Disappointment for seniors hangs over the fact their hard-earned stars have yet been placed where they belong.

Rumors of missing stars are quickly shot down as Dr. King clarifies the situation and seniors will be satisfied the tradition continues with the new principal.  The administration recognizes the seniors’ reaction and puts action into words by ordering stars to be placed in the school.

“Where we are going to hang them is the biggest challenge,” King said. 

Since this tradition occurs every year, most seniors expected the stars to be in place and ready the first day of school. The stars will not be placed on the ledges this year as paint is peeled off when the stars are taken down and replacing the paint every year has proved to be costly.

“It’s just a little something that means a great deal to everyone,” senior Oscar Vazquez said.  

Entering their fourth and final year, seniors expect a little recognition for their work and seeing those reminders for all the other classes before them creates a feeling of neglect.  

“Finally after 12 years of school it is a little nostalgic,” said Vazquez. “like the gold star you’d get in kindergarten.”

Many seniors complained over the issue claiming it was their motivation in the first place to complete their idea of a final chapter towards completion of graduation.

“When I first started high school I saw the stars and it kept me motivated,” senior Jordyn Ivey said.

Currently, suggestions are available as to where the best location for this tribute to be used.

“It’s supposed to be an achievement,” Ivey said.