Pop and Lock

Vaeh Meeks, Staff

This year dance created West Crew, a hip-hop version of modern dance. Fillies instructor Samantha Armstrong created the class for those interested in learning new moves.

The West Crew is a boy hip-hop dance group where they will learn skills such as breakdancing, popping and locking, and modern hip-hop. Armstrong’s college dance background is in hip-hop, so this is something she is very passionate about it.

“Hip-hop is gaining popularity in schools throughout the nation, and we wanted West to learn more about how boys are represented in the dance world,” Armstrong said.  “I wanted to do something unique to break the barrier that only girls at this level can “dance.”

Armstrong is the assistant director of the Fillies drill team and her expectations for the West crew are the same as her expectations for the drill team.  The crew class will have performance opportunities, just like the Fillies, and they will perform at a pep rally sometime in the fall and participate in some dance competitions in the spring.

“They [the west crew] will be expected to take this seriously, work hard, learn, and create choreography.”