Spirit Lives Here

Josie Spivey , Staff

Our gilded halls have a magical effect on Mustang spirit. Students through the years value school spirit to the point of intense competitiveness among different grade levels.

The freshman classes’ slight disadvantage in the spirit department exists because the other classes heckle them during pep rallies to show seniority. However, some freshmen have a more positive outlook on the situation.

“School spirit is important freshman year because it shapes your high school experience,” freshman Dakota Bryant said.

As students grow through the ranks, they realize that having school spirit is more than just dressing up in crazy outfits.

“School spirit gets more fun sophomore year because you aren’t as worried about people making fun of you,” sophomore Gaven Smith said. “Spirit lifts people up and makes people want to go to games.”  

Upperclassmen normally have the most school spirit due to increased confidence and is recognized by lowerclassmen.

“You either have it or you don’t. School spirit gets crazy junior year, but I think seniors have more spirit because they are so siked to leave,” junior Emily Wycough said.

Seniors set the stage for school spirit standards. The excitement seniors have is contagious and spreads through the school like wildfire.

“I believe that seniors have more intense school spirit because we’ll be graduating soon so we have to live it up while we’re still here. School spirit for seniors is important because we have to savor this time before we venture off into the world by ourselves,” senior Simon Gonzales said.