Chick-Fil-A has spirit

Yves Vasquez, Staff

Members of the flute section enjoy spirit night. The focus of the spirit night helps raise funds through Chick-Fil-A for the band. ¨For the Chick Fil A Spirit Night there will be a prize wheel that people can spin and win free food and merchandise from Chick Fil A,¨band booster president Angie Smith said.

The school band and color guard held their first spirit night at the Chick-Fil-A.

Spirit nights help raise money for school programs and fund projects the band and color guard are involved in.

Its’ purpose is to bring the community out and have them support our amazing band and color guard band booster president Angie Smith said.

“It will help raise funds needed for our program,” Smith said.  

It’s a fun night for the members of the band program to get together and celebrate their achievements.

“I’m excited for the spirit night because it’s fun to go with all of your friends,” sophomore Stella Granger said.  

The band and guard spirit nights aren’t just for the students in the band program.  There are a lot of other school programs which benefit from this type of fundraising.

“Spirit nights are open to anyone and everyone. We love seeing members from both sides of the track come out and see what our bands and guards are doing,”  Smith said.

Spirit nights don’t get enough recognition most times, although it’s needed to help fundraise. Notifying the public could help bring in more funds.  

“It needs to be more advertised, even to students who aren’t in [the] band,” junior band social officer Febe Lazo said.

Not only do events such as this one raise money for the band program, but it also has a positive social impact on students by showing the community a friendly atmosphere of kids getting together.  

“It gives all members of [the] band and guard a chance to get closer,” said Lazo.