Decorating Home Away From Home

Vaeh Meeks, Staff

The dance room received a makeover this past summer when Fillies Director Terra O´Dell decided vast changes were needed.

Painting the walls the school colors from white to maroon and gold was the top priority for the team this summer when assisting in painting their dancing environment.

¨I have always wanted the dance room to be a comfortable learning environment and relaxing,” O’Dell said. “The white walls always seemed like a prison and it always showed any type of dirt or markings.¨

The director said she likes the maroon and gold walls better than the white for dressing up the room.  

¨With the white walls I felt that I had to cover them with decor to make it look better in the room,” she said. “Now that the walls are painted I feel that I don’t have to add a bunch of posters to decorate the room.¨

The changing room is decorated every year to coordinate along with the fillies’ theme. This year the theme is ‘Rockstars.’  The locker room’s ceiling has string lights to represent the Friday night lights for the football games.

“The Fillies spend a lot of time here at the school practicing and performing and some of my dance students have been taking dance at MWHS for 4 years,” O’Dell said.    “They are all invested in making their home away from home beautiful. So when they come into the dance room they are happy to be coming to a comfortable place to enjoy dance class with their friends.”