Class rings thrill juniors

Meadow Chase, Staff

Traditions for junior year consist of getting a letterman’s jacket, looking forward to a prom invitation from a senior and class rings.  Balfour is the new distributor for class rings and will be on campus Thursday, September 20.

Class rings are a fun way for high school students to remember the fun memories they have made. They are personalized for each student´s extracurricular activity, graduate year, name and birthstone.

¨I decided to buy a ring,¨ junior Abby Marino said, ¨to always have memories of my high school years.¨

Many students are looking forward to their rings because it shows what they achieved in their years of high school. Class rings symbolize the commemoration of graduation.

¨It will look super cute with my friends,” junior Ashley Bartos said, ¨wearing our letterman jackets and class rings.¨

Balfour is a company that produces high school, college, military, and championship rings, yearbooks, caps and gowns, and graduation announcements.

¨If a student wants a ring and is worried about the cost,¨ Bartos says, ¨Balfour makes it easy to pay in separate payments.¨